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 This website gives updated details into the research I have undertaken into the history of my family.  My surname can be traced back as far as about 1640 in the city of Salisbury Wiltshire.  The Parish records of St Thomas record the birth of John Dolman in 1670. His father is also named John born 1640. Direct descendants still live in the city and carry on in the building trade that was started in the late 1700's.  During the 1800's and early 1900's members of the family began to migrate and branches have been traced to the Midlands, London, Wales, Yorkshire and even Australia and New Zealand. 

In addition to the Dolman ancestral Line I have now included details of my wifeís ancestors in particular the Kellow and Tanner names. This gives the full information for the younger generationís ancestors.

Whilst I believe the information here is correct, there may be occasions where there are errors and so it would be wise to cross check data sources.  Where possible I have included reference sources.  I am indebted to several people for information which I have accepted as accurate.  I have used  their names as sources for which I trust they have no objection

This is an ongoing project and so information will occasionally be updated as and when new information is obtained.

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I would welcome any comments about this site and in particular any additional information of which I may be unaware. Permission to publish such data on this site will be assumed unless otherwise requested.

The data also contains information concerning living people.  This information has, to my belief, been adequately privatised.  However if anyone has any objection to such details that are contained, that data will be removed on request. 

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The Dolman Family of Salisbury

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